Sleepless Nights Are History Now, Sleep Spray Is Here

Being awake at night is not always by choice. A hard day at work can disturb your sleep patterns. Stress is the primary reason why you are not able to enjoy a sound sleep. It is a trigger for short term or even chronic insomnia. Stress can be the result of anxiety, health concerns or depression. Insomnia has eroding effects on your mental and physical health. The human body must have deep and sound sleep for minimum 8 hours a day to function perfectly. Lethargy creeps in, and you find yourself lethargic all through the day. Sleep deprived individuals always show negative attitude at work and have to put extra effort in understanding the simplest of things. This may lead to trouble at your workplace which in turn may lead you to extend your working hours beyond schedule. Sleeplessness causes mayhem in your well-settled life.

Behold, your sleeplessness has a natural cure now. Scientists have invented a revolutionary product called Sleep Spray which can make you fall asleep in a matter of minutes. This new innovation can be used orally or can be sprayed on your pillow to give you the most natural, pleasant and deep sleep you have always wished for.

Best Alternative to Sleeping Pills

After years of research and tests, the scientists have come up with this formula for the best induced natural sleep. It’s clinically proven to have zero side effects on your body. Unlike sleeping pills, where grogginess and stomach disorders are common side effects, this product is free from any GMOs which are present in sleeping pills. Every batch of this product is manufactured under highly controlled environment and checked regularly to ensure that it complies with the quality control guidelines.

Only Natural Elements Used

This sleep-inducing product is made up by combining different natural ingredients like Valerian Roots, Melatonin, Theanine and different essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender. Melatonin increases sleepiness to help you fall asleep fast. Theanine is a natural neurotransmitter which promotes relaxation without sedation and Valerian Roots are a herb that reduces restlessness and stress. All these natural elements are combined to make this product effective yet safe.

Ease of Access

The product is available in small easy to carry bottles that come with an easy dispenser on top. You can carry the bottle with you wherever you may go. It can be used orally by spraying twice in your mouth and swallowing it after few seconds, or you can spray it on your pillow if in a hotel away from home and fall asleep in just 15 minutes. The dispenser is designed in a way that the required dosage is dispensed in exact 2 sprays so that you don’t develop any addiction to it. You can buy sprayable sleep online or at your local pharmaceutical store.


Start using this sleep inducing spray and enjoy its natural benefits. You will have a sleeping experience that you have always wanted. You will sleep well and wake up fresh, alert and reenergized. With this sleep assisting product, your insomnia will be history.

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